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An Update On My Perceived Addictions

NOTE: Everyone is different and I encourage you to get the help you need to fight your diagnoses.

I have gotten involved with a variety of negative behaviors over the years. This is true.

Upon closer examination of many of these behaviors, I do believe that my mental illness, the root of how I process my world, is to blame.

This is important, because I firmly believe that when we think we know, we don’t necessarily know. And, vice versa!

And, that’s why I trust science!

Among the behaviors I thought were problem behaviors, my gambling (that I wrote about last week), I have learned, can be a problem, especially as I have severe mental illness!

I have assigned rationale for most of the questionable behaviors I’ve been involved with since I was a kid.

But, some of this rationale I assign is actually the result of my being (severely) ill.

This, for me, I am happy to say, means that I don’t believe I am an addict of anything! Other than maybe a food addict, but even as strong of a possibility as I once thought that was, I no longer think of myself as that either!

Also, I don’t know much about addictive personalities to tell you the truth… but again, after a closer examination, none of what I’ve gone through (to me) suggests I have an addictive personality.

I share this because I feel it’s the truth and I want to be transparent, always honest, with you, the reader.

Regarding the idea that I may be a food addict… I believe that that is explained by the fact that I take three medications (two of which are said to cause weight gain), and that I used to be athletic and in good shape!

Sure, people gain weight every day, but even my alcohol consumption, was me self-medicating, as I no longer drink (since I’ve been taking meds).

All in all, I am lucky I don’t have addictions (again, I’ve never been diagnosed with any, which is necessary to note… especially as I regularly see a mental health professional)… but, I am knee deep in a quandary over my food consumption!

As I don’t believe I can do much to improve my treatment of schizoaffective disorder… meds, to me, are the culprit for my eating too much!

So really, all of this is probably quite unnecessary. However, after examining the situation in greater detail, I knew I was wrong earlier and decided to share this.

Plus, I have a feeling that you all may have some interesting things to share in the comment section! 🙂

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