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There Is Nothing More Disheartening Than Wanting To Do Something That You “Can’t” Do

NOTE: I took a negative tone in this post. This notation you’re reading, did not appear here originally, and I have been reminded of the power of my words!

Please go here for the apology and follow up, and take the words written in THIS post with a grain of salt.

(I may delete this post later on.)

Recovery is muddied, but so also are our thoughts sometimes as well!

A lot of people hate the word “can’t.”

I, myself don’t particularly like it!

But, I have increasingly become accustomed to “can’t” and its meaning…

Also, it’s not that important to me what you think of me.

Just a quick “by the way…”

As I’ll be okay either way…

What IS important is that you understand what it is I struggle with, and why it is so disabling…

So again, you can think that I’m this or that I’m that… and, it doesn’t matter to me!

I am still going to tell my story!

And, my story goes like this…

Schizoaffective disorder and not working… disabled and over medicated… unable to reduce or change meds without losing hard-won “stability”… symptomatic (still) and constantly tired… generally about as active as a turtle (maybe less).

And, this all effing “sucks!”

Several of my blogging friends know of the struggle, because they struggle too!

None of us are alone with our mental health woes!

But, in my view, we can be made to feel that way…

Especially when we tell our stories, and they differ from what organizations like NAMI want to hear!

What is your outlook on conforming? Do you think you are being labeled as an outcast? Why should only stories of health and so-called recovery get airtime?

15 thoughts on “There Is Nothing More Disheartening Than Wanting To Do Something That You “Can’t” Do Leave a comment

  1. Oh Mio, how I feel your pain. The events like grandchildren’s birthday or Halloween parties I’ve had to say “I can’t come” because I can’t even get off the sofa, I’m exhausted and I haven’t even put a brush through my hair!

    I know everyone says “it’s okay, don’t worry!” I’m not flippin’ worried — I actually want to be there. and it pains me that everyone else is — having fun, without me 😦

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  2. You’ve written what many have thought and I’m one of them. Mental illness is a prison without walls. I don’t doubt that it can be overcome, but the people who overcome it are few. My heart goes out to you because I know exactly how it feels. I battled it and it’s a tough battle to fight!


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