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Winning At All Costs: Education Woes

So, tomorrow is the general election here in the United States. And, most people have voted, or know who they are voting for.

Faced with so much school debt, it has become all but impossible for even the smartest, most educated among us, to make their way in America today!

Where do you think we will be if just the education problems alone, are permitted to continue?

How about, living in a society that praises “bullying” (for instance) and diminishes the need for education? Are we there yet?

I think if we’re not there already, we’re getting awfully close!

Do you want to (continue to) live in a country, where few people can afford to earn a college degree? Let alone “make it” with one?

Many people are unable to “do well,” like they did in years’ past. There are too many barriers to success! And, there are scores of bright people, who are failing!

What are we doing, America?

Winning at all costs is costing us… and, it’s costing us greatly!

Please VOTE tomorrow.

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