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What Makes You Value Something?

I was watching “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath,” and have been thinking about that and the military and a lot of other “get them while they’re young” organizations.

You know, it is true?

When you get someone to follow your vision, while they’re “young and dumb,” you have a blind participant.

And, sometimes this blind participant will follow you for life!

Certainly, they will follow you for a long time, if the conditions surrounding their allegiance are optimal!

Let’s just be honest…

Take the military and the fact that people join the organization when they’re young.

Never mind that many of them join because they don’t think they have other options.

So, considering this example of the military…

How many people do you know, that served, who stand by that organization 100%?

I know a few people who served, and some are fans and others are not!

But, mainly… those who joined the military “when they were young and dumb,” which is most people (again, being honest), do support the organization.

It’s time to be aware of what entities like this, are doing to our young people.

And, that includes going to college (which, to me, is far from being a bad thing).

Hmmm. Perhaps that’s why the current U.S.’ administration and its supporters have become increasingly outspoken about “not getting an education.”

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  1. I think while being “hooked” young helps, a lot of people get “hooked” later in life by systems who purport to give them answers to life.

    My parents converted as adults to a particularly authoritarian and high demand denomination of Christianity because it offered them answers for supposedly “everything”, including a promise of well behaved and obedient children (children’s behaviour highly reflects on the parents in Asian culture). And of course many teenagers and adults, of all races, also converted after an emotional crisis of some sorts where they felt they found what they sought (comfort, guidance, meaning, unconditional love) via Christianity and other religions. (tho I am most familiar only with Christianity)

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