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I Have Been Experimenting With Getting More Continuous Nightly Sleep

With my condition (plus all the meds I take)… I have found I do best with 9 hours of nightly sleep.

I still take naps most days.

And, it is difficult for me to get 9 hours, but I feel the most rested with it!

How many hours of continuous sleep do you get on the average?

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  1. I go to bed at 7pm every night. I unwind and probably go to sleep at 9pm. Before the new puppy I woudl sleep until 6am. Now it’s differnt due to his schedule. I try to get a nao in the mornign sicne he’s getting me up at 3:30. I am much healthier since I started going to bed early. No radio, not nothing, no laptop, nothing. Just me and aromatherpy. My mind unwinds and at betime I take my sleeping pill and go straight to sleep. Before my mind would rattle and keep me awake sometiomes for hours. Not anymore. It took awhile to get used to going to bed that early but I’ve been doing it for about a year. I am ohsyically so much better and mentally I haven’t had a hard time in over a year. Now the mental is because of meds and a huge reduction in stress. Take all the naps you need just be aware of what is sleep, how much you really need vs what is meds or depression. Some people need 12 hours a night others don’t. My husband gets by just fine on 7 hours.

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  2. My medicine also helps me sleep (cannot do so without it), so I get about 9 hours, like you. I also take naps!
    I trust that this is time that my sore brain does its healing. Hope you stay well, amigo!

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