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An Eye For An Eye Kind Of Love (A Poem)

What I am doing is what can be done.
But, what I am feeling just can’t be undone.
It’s such a cluster fuck these days!
How is taking an eraser to my friends okay, because it’s your religion?
Strangely, my religion says things too!
And, it boasts NOT of unconceivable hatred!
It talks of spreading love and of being love, and of seeing love as a basic human need!
Did you know that we share the same religion?
We do…
Except, my path and my faith opt for “experience” as a part of what I practice and believe.
An “experience” that doesn’t erase people, based on one movement’s interpretation of words, written and said!
The funny thing is, you will probably continue on with your (hatred) erasing!
For you have been doing this for far too long!
But, it will not erase my friends’ lives! Ever!
You’re weak and growing even weaker,
And, I have an eraser too!

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