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I Struggle With My Social Media Accounts

Especially Facebook!

I do not like how there are so many people on there, who oppose me.

Where I live in the Midwestern United States, that’s to be expected…

My family and friends don’t get it, and I am rather sick of posting my ideas to idiots!

Since I am not able to volunteer or go to a regular job, meeting more openminded individuals, has escaped me.

Except on the Internet!

It makes me wonder if those who experience mental illness, just tend to be more open minded!

What are your thoughts and experiences with getting to know people who are more openminded?

10 thoughts on “I Struggle With My Social Media Accounts Leave a comment

  1. Ugh, sounds like a no-win situation with that bunch.

    I’ve met lots of open-minded non-mentally ill people, so they definitely exist. There’s probably a cultural element; I think overall, the west coast tends to be more open-minded than the Midwest.

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  2. I don’t engage much on FB and I don’t like all those silly “I wish people would keep out of my life” posts or “I’m so sick of all this.” It’s like you have to ask “Are you okay Hun (I hate that word)?” or “What’s happened?”

    Don’t know if I’m supposed to be intrigued or what lol – but I don’t respond to them.

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