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The Importance Of Having Your Voice Heard

Some people, I know, from first hand experience, aren’t “ready” or “able” to have a voice. Let alone, share a voice.

For me, it took quite a long time, before I was “ready” or “able” to find my voice. And, share it with the world!

I have had a long journey so far, and I hope I have a long journey (as long as it’s at least somewhat healthy) to go!

It does make the difference that I can share with you my struggles and my triumphs! I try really hard to do both! And, I know it’s helpful! Some of the time, at least! 🙂

In the end, what will have mattered is the life in your years, not the years in your life! Or, so the saying goes!

How do I feel about that?

The saying doesn’t really make a lot of sense to someone like me. At least some of the time.


Because I am inclined to think that each day sucks, but that there are moments in the day that I am content with.

Like when I write. I am happy writing! 🙂

Which moments bring contentment to you?

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