I’ve Been Getting Into A Few TV Shows Lately

The shows are great, but I am reminded (especially with the reality ones), at just how far and away I am from living!

I’ve written about the fact that I want to live, before.

It is difficult not living, and I don’t believe that I will ever get to a point where I am alive again!

For me, this is a sad thing to think about…

And, when I see these reality shows on TV, it just makes things worse!

Granted, I know that the shows’ contestants tend to be highly motivated individuals.

I get that.

But, aren’t I highly motivated?

It just looks different I guess.

What kinds of things bother you (whether on TV or in print)? Do you feel like you’ve somehow lost at life?


  1. Remember Reality TV isn’t reality! That is fake! You are living, you’re living your life and you are in control. It can look like you want it, or close as you can get to it. Will I ever be what I was at 38, no, but I’m much happier now at 57 with my mental illness under control by medication and stress reduction. You can’t compare apples to oranges and you’re doing yourself a diservice by trying. Please work on eleminating can’t from your self talk. You CAN do whatever you set out to, it may take longer but you can carve out a peaceful and happy life. You may need to change the picture of what you think it looks like but once you figure out what you truely want in your heart, you can work towards that. I’ve mangaed to stay married for 18 years! That’s along time when you have mental illness but that is the life I wanted. A solid life with my health being a priority. I don’t watch much TV either, it’s not real. Please limit your intake or watch more educational programs. You like to expand your mind, flip over the cable channels and find something to learn. Liten to some great Podcast or take a free online course, anything that makes you happy and in control. TV is a bad apple to compaire our life to. We can’t win that one.

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    1. A change of picture is all I believe in. I don’t believe one can do anything they set their mind to. But again, changing the picture, which in my case, is having extremely low expectations, is all I’ve got. To many people (myself included) that is not really living. Thus, I don’t agree totally, but that’s fine to have different perspectives. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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      1. I agree with part of what you say: I agree that one cannot do anything one sets one’s mind to, yet, I still believe that it is vital to try. I try, knowing that I will certainly not achieve what I want in my lifetime, and maybe that is a low expectation, but hoping that I can leave a structure for others to build on, and that took changing my picture, as you put it, enough to fight for the right to do that.


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