What Is Real And What Isn’t (A Poem)

I just don’t know.
I once heard that reality is “just an agreement.”
But, as a society, we don’t agree on much!
That’s why community is so damn important!
And, within a community, you find those people who help you to see…
These are the people you click with!
You have similarities and you have differences.
And, while I don’t always know what is real and what isn’t…
I am hopeful that you are as real as I am!
I don’t want to worry about pathological liars…
Is it easier to stay home with a chronic illness?
Yes, in some cases.
Because I know I am “unable.”
So, I do THIS!
I have symptoms that disrupt my life…
As I know many of you do!
We’ll get through a lot of these situations together!
Just to know none of us are alone is good!
It’s real good…
One day at a time!
Every time!

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