Confusion Is A Bigger Problem Than I Want To Admit

I am confused a lot.

I press on, because that’s what I need to do for me, but I am oftentimes, left trying to make sense of just about everything!

Admittedly, I am not “connecting the dots” like I used to. That was hell!

It’s still there, but it’s not as prevalent as it once was…

What’s more troubling now is the stress I am under every day!

To the onlooker, they wouldn’t understand, but to me, I know what my difficulties are and they rarely letup…

I try and sleep overnight (it is hard), so that I can at least make myself available to My Daily Checklist.

It gets tweaked fairly frequently, all in an effort to get a few extra boxes checked off daily!

In reality, I have way more boxes not being checked, but I am trying.

That’s all I can do. Really and truly. 🙂

Back to lists and schedules: What are your most effective strategies to working through them?


  1. Sometimes even after the 14 years of remission I am confused much more than ordinary person. What really helped me is practicing writing and reading. At the beginning I could only do it for few minutes but in time my concentration improved drastically. But even today there are times during the day when my mind is totally blank

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