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Try To Live (A Poem)

Something happened and now I am not living.
Not that I was living before. Well, I was. Sort of…
Which is what makes this hard!
As soon as medication was introduced into my life, everything changed.
And so, the long road to accepting a medication regimen began.
Today, I am accepting of my needs in this area!
But, did it have to come at the cost of whatever life I was involved with?
Apparently, it did. To at least some recognizable degree!
After all, I wasn’t carrying on like a successful person does!
There was what appeared to be progress, but I know different.
I was living a life that I was not prepared for!
I was stuck in a way of being that was not healthy or even sustainable!
My job today… Find some semblance of peace with my life in its entirety.
I will get there, if the past has taught me anything. I will!
But, I want to do more than try to live.

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  1. We don’t talk enough about the toll that trying different meds takes on your psyche. It took at least four different medications before I found one that worked for me and even then, it took another two tries to get the right dosage because I was overmedicated, and I was ready to throw in the towel when something finally clicked.

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