Cognitive Dissonance And The Push-Pull Of Severe Mental Illness

Imagine, if you will, scores of people out there, battling severe mental illness, minimizing cognitive dissonance, and finding their way?

Can it be done? How can it be done?

For me, I have become so reliant on specific doses of the meds I take, that I haven’t been able to take anything less and be successful.

Perhaps “success” is all in the eye of the beholder!

But, I would like to function in an even higher capacity than what I am!

I partake of personal development audios from time to time, and those are inspirational, but what would really be helpful, is overcoming this mess of cognitive dissonance.

Some might say it just takes practice, but for me, I believe it is a bit more complicated than that!

Without offering up all the reasons in the world (i.e. sleeping a lot), I know that I experience a lot of push-pull, that I loosely recognize as cognitive dissonance.

So, my best tactic in this area, has been to suppress or try to ignore symptoms, which is not always possible, but I can do it some of the time, which helps a lot!

What are you doing to have more stable thinking amid your illness?


  1. I experience a lot of push-pull myself, just getting out of bed is a struggle. Mentally, I’m exhausted. I went for a short stroll today in the country park, sometimes the trail is busy and I ended up getting more stressed. Today, it was nice and relatively quiet. I find that was the only time I’m at peace with myself.

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      1. My own preference is generally to set the bar lower so that I’m meeting it most of the time rather than setting it higher and falling short most of the time. But then, I’ve never been an ambitious, success-oriented person in general.

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  2. My personal belief is that self help video, literature is not helpfull. You have severe problems as I have and mantra to think positive and act positive was too much for me in the past When I was losing my mind over and over again. Accepting who I am during the 15 Years of psyhotherapy, blogging first in Croatian , blogging in English and finally years of acting easened my life slowly but surely over the years. I do not know what will work for you and I am sending my best wishes and I am gonna pray for you tonight. Be patient with yourself. Give your self time and do not be so taugh on yourself. Someone who can write such a beatiful post is much better than it one gives oneself credit for.

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      1. My English is not as good as it should long as I can communicate my experience with schizophrenia and maybe help some other people with some mental issues I am happy.. Thank you very much for commending me

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