Blogging Helps Me, Even When I Can’t Help Myself

I like to think about the items I can do to make my road easier.

And, I am still confused about the processes of many things.

For instance, I now know that a checklist helps me.

…When I have the energy to follow one!

In one way or another, I am convinced of my checklist’s effectiveness.

Again, when I’m following it.

What are some things you do that are helpful, but that you can’t always follow through on?


  1. I definitely know at this point that meditation helps calm me down when I get anxious, but it’s still hard to meditate more than once every few weeks. I know it’s helpful, but in my head, I need to be in the ‘mood to do it – which I never am.

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  2. My exercise routine. I know it lifts my mood. I know that if I start walking, I will enjoy it; and that afterwards, I’ll have a sense of accomplishment, and more confidence… but my couch is just so comfy! And it’s far easier to be a bundled-up slug. 🤦🏻

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