Just How Hard It Is To Do My Chores

Because I am generally tired from the start of my day until it ends, I have quite a time doing basic chores.

The recurring task of putting away the dishes (for instance) usually takes 5 minutes, and that’s hard for me to do!

Getting this chore done is something I must do to pull my weight, and I get it done one way or another most days.

Not always at the same time every day, but I eventually get the dish washer unloaded!

Do you have a challenging time with household chores? What kinds of strategies do you employ to make things easier for you in this area?


  1. Yes! I feel you!

    My husband came up with a good system for combatting this. I write things I need to get done on Post-its and place them in a box (one item per Post-it note). Each day, I pull one out; and that’s all I have to do. If I feel up to it, I can pull another one, but one is my “You can do it!” requirement.

    Mitch also makes himself available to assist if I ask for help. (This is something I suck at, so we’re working on it together.)

    It also helps if I take a short walk, while listening to my favorite music — either before (as motivation) or after (as a reward). ✨💕✨

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  2. For me, the limiting step isn’t energy but apathy. I clean when the level of dirtiness is enough to push through the apathy. Emptying the dishwasher I usually pair with something in the kitchen that involves waiting, like waiting for the toaster or waiting for the kettle to boil to make tea.

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