Pervasive Attitudes About People With Mental Illness

What are the attitudes that bug you the most?

I am particularly bothered by people, who, in general, ask what I do for a living?

I get that that’s an icebreaker.

Something else that bothers me is people in general.

That might be a problem for another day!

What kind of attitudes have you experienced?

6 thoughts on “Pervasive Attitudes About People With Mental Illness

  1. I hate the work question too. I am lucky to have a job at the moment, but that’s just at my Dad’s little company, and it’s not really a position that’s necessary in his company, he only employed me because I didn’t have any other employment nor a possibility for one in the foreseeable future, it’s not like he needed an office worker desperately. So I hate this question and when people are judgy about the whole situation, plus the fact that I am at the same time on disability benefits. This is not at all a rare situation among disabled people, although don’t know how common it is specifically in the mentally ill community alone, in any case it really bugs me, and even when people aren’t judgy, this is a kind of awkward and annoying question to me. Like, there are so many more interesting things we could be talking about, why are you prying into what I do for a living? 😀

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  2. I almost stopped being bothered by someone asking “what do you do for a living” because in my city, the question is shortened to “what do you do?” which is too much for me to mentally process. There’s got to be a way to ask about someone’s hobbies or occupation in a more personable way.

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