My Antipsychotic Reduction

I am going through a 1/3 strength reduction of my antipsychotic medication.

It’s been more of a challenge these past two months, and that is entirely due to the fact that I have less of this main medication in my system.

What it’s teaching me is that I have to learn new and better coping skills on lower dosages. And, that my worth is not tied to how much medication my system can tolerate.

My psychiatrist made it clear that within two months, I’d be recognizing the full change in effect.

And, now that two months have passed, my wife and I had a discussion about things, where we determined that I am going to have to go back to the old dose.

My symptoms (while I’ve been more aware of some of them), have caused me some issues. And, I think the issues are pronounced enough that I need the extra help.

I’ve tried med changes and reductions in the past, and it is pretty typical for me to have to reinstate old medications/old doses.

Oh well! I am grateful for my piping up and telling my doctor how I felt on the old regimen!

All I can do is try!

What are some of your medication failures and successes?


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