You Are Who You Are

Recently, I was interacting with a post from a well known company on social media.

The post took a shot at persons with schizophrenia.

It was up for about 30 minutes (at the most), because I publicly called them out!

In that time, there were dozens of “shares,” plus a comment by someone who didn’t see anything “wrong” with the post, which had a laugh at persons living with schizophrenia.

It is ignorant and shitty for people to use schizophrenia in a way that demoralizes those who have the disease.

And, since many people who deal with schizophrenia (and other severe mental illnesses) are just “not in the right head space” to challenge these things properly, they often make it through unchecked!

Also, I read a post on the Mighty by someone who calls themselves a “schizophrenia entrepreneur!”

I am definitely not sure what that means, and I am quite certain that the author believes themselves to be doing well and on the recovery path.

Maybe the statement was just them being light-hearted about a serious subject, but people don’t generally name their mental illness in association with entrepreneurship, or do they?

Have you seen any examples anywhere lately, ranging from people dissing on mental illness to people who have mental illness doing their damndest to be well?


      1. Yeah, I’m not sure that they apply much of an editorial filter. I think they might pay more attention when you first get approved as a contributor, but I’m not convinced they do much beyond that.

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      2. I submitted something once, and I felt like it didn’t get approved due to my tone of “being real with regards to my own symptoms and beliefs on recovery.” Either way, I’ve read a lot of stuff and really feel that many people are disillusioned by the expectations of one another on that site. It’s like a cult in some ways I feel. Oh well… I’m done with them. Haha, you got more of a response then you likely banked on! 🙂

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      3. I’ve spent very little time there, but what I’ve read is a mix of some good stuff and other stuff that doesn’t make any sense. I’m pretty content to stick to WordPress for the majority of my reading. At least then you’re getting what people think unfiltered by what a platform may or may not want them to say.

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      4. Absolutely! And, it took me a bit to figure that out. The platform definitely has a message. Towards the end, I could barely get people there to like a picture of my dog! Oh well! It’s their journey to “wellness” not mine!

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  1. It is disheartening that any company would joke about mental health on their social media platforms. More often than not it comes across in really poor taste. Sometimes companies just suck which is unfortunate.

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    1. Yeah, this is true. I wished I had captured the photo. What’s sad is that I felt conflicted about reporting my concerns. I feel that has something to do with the way American society has gotten politically, over the past several years. It felt better after the reporting it was just difficult to do so.



      1. That makes total sense! I feel like it’s tough because there is such a fine line between being “too sensitive” and having a valid reason to be angry. What’s worse is that everyone has their own version of that fine line and knowing when to speak up can be such a pain.

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      2. Surely so! 🙂 I think in this case I just said the the company, “you CAN do better.” Moments later, they reached out to me and the meme was gone. Sadly, in 20 minutes time, there was almost 50 shares. The theme dealt with hearing voices, which they made a mockery of. Oh well, it’s been dealt with! Thank you For commenting!

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