The “Horrors” Of Pre-Psychosis

As a teenager, I watched horror movies.

I used to enjoy them. And, I think I thought parts of them were real!

As an adult, I confessed that in some of those movies, I actually believed there were actors who lost their lives (during the filming process).

I know it’s silly to think that! But, that’s what I thought for quite some time!

I no longer watch horror movies anymore (I barely watch movies at all, and only some television)!

I think so much time spent watching strange movies and tv shows when I was younger, had a definite impact on me.

At least, that’s what it felt like in retrospect!

I know I was (and probably still am) impressionable!

So, “turning off the tube” is how I do business today.

Do you watch a lot of movies and tv shows? Was there ever been a period of time where you did? What are your favorite genres?

8 thoughts on “The “Horrors” Of Pre-Psychosis

  1. A lot of my tv watching in the past was social. When I was in university living in residence we had our shows that we would watch most nights of the week, and then afterwards for quite a few years I had a weekly girls tv night. Now I mostly just watch The Late Show and The Daily Show, both of which I watch online after they’ve aired.

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  2. I like watching TV shows I’ve downloaded on my laptop while on Skype with my partner who watches the same TV episodes. Good way for us to bond despite the geographical distance! 😊😊😊

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