Another Update On My Mental Health

Recently, I wrote about how I am really struggling with my mental health.

Per my psychiatrist mainly, I’ve learned that the meds are not fully doing their job anymore.

I’ve also began really dissecting my thoughts, like never before.

And with all of this, I’ve come to realize, yes, I am doing better with medication; but, there is some resistance to treatment with regards to the efficacy of my meds.

This has been a long time coming.

So many people with severe mental illness struggle to be on meds that work.

I’m seeing that now more than ever before!

Thus, I know that the medication is why I am having such a difficult time overall.

What do I do? I mean, what can I really do?

As I’ve written previously, I am expecting to discuss my situation soon with my doctor and my wife.

My wife and I and other support people have already discussed this matter, so I have a lot to take to my psychiatrist in a few weeks.

I will keep you updated!

In the meantime, I will just say that I know the meds protect me quite a bit… but, they don’t clear up my instance of severe mental illness much at all.

I just want to feel better and I am afraid I’m going to continue to be stuck. For years possibly.

I hope I am wrong!

Have any of you ever felt stuck? What did you do to become unstuck?


  1. I suppose I’m stuck in the sense that I don’t have a whole lot of options treatment-wise. I don’t think of myself as being stuck, though, because, at least for me, that would involve resistance, and acceptance works better for me.

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  2. What meds do you take? Have you tried a lot of medication I’m on my 7th attempt at antipsychotics. And also anti depressant and mood stabiliser. I’m not stuck anymore and am so happy right now. I wish the same for you

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  3. I’ve felt stuck and i think stuck in general as psych drs don’t always listen when i knew my meds weren’t working properly anymore. I currently have a good med cocktail i feel but there is always a lingering thought what will it be like again when they stop working… sigh. I feel for you keep plugging along it sounds like you have a good support system.

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  4. Sometimes that feels like the flip side of finding solutions when it comes to meds/therapy for me – I feel stuck because I’ll end up feeling like there are only 1-2 ways to feel okay. Glad you’re being proactive about this and seeing what’s possible for you. Sending you my best thoughts!

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  5. Just dropping by to lend some virtual support/hug. I’ve had varying diagnoses, and been on cocktails of meds for more than half of my life. So I do feel what you mean by being stuck, sometimes it seems there’s no way out, and I’ll be taking them till the day I depart. It’s a daily challenge, to drop, to change (then the dilemma to what?!, and will it work?). But do let’s have faith it will all work out one day.

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