I’m Struggling And Need A Kinder Routine, Some Relief

Gratefully, a new, supplemental antipsychotic medication is on the way!

Aside from that, I am stuck in my thoughts.

I try and find meaning into everything I think, and I no longer know how to relax very well.

Since I take my medications to ultimately avoid hospitalization, I am sometimes stuck with symptoms in a way that some other people might not be.

I’m not sure to tell you the truth.

I just know that no matter what, I do all I can to avoid the hospital.

There are drawbacks to my approach though, like for instance, my life, which is not going as well as I’d like it to be, is oftentimes in shambles. At least it has felt that way for quite awhile.

So, I will continue to take things a day at a time, as I try and restore some sanity with my meds and a kinder routine.

At the times you feel notably worse than others, what kinds of compassionate/routine-type things do you involve yourselves in?


  1. I usually do research on mindless activities and try to see if I can make some stick. I’m not a competitive person, so when I feel notably worse, playing video games is a good remedy for me. I think it’s because I’m active, but also doing something I don’t care too much about. Wishing you all the best.

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  2. I sleep which if done too much can be a negative otherwise i watch videos of things that interest me to distract me. I’ll go through stages about makeup or true crime. I watch a movie i know I’ll enjoy. A shower has been good for me too sometimes.

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  3. Wishing you peace and comfort! Dude, I’m always trying to distract myself. I journal at times, but focus on my handwriting more so than what is being expressed. Poetry in exacting syntax and meter used to help me, but then I quit doing it. Reading books can help, too, and helps restore legit thinking patterns with language, and only read what you definitely want to, your own self!

    Hope your new meds kick butt! Best wishes.

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