My Life’s A Mess

But, you know what?

I keep trying and doing my best.

My only concern is that it would be great to be more on-the-ball!

I feel sometimes I am going down the same dead-end paths.

What can I do though?

Aside from continuing to challenge myself, I don’t imagine much!

Do you feel as though you are making traction on your goals? Do you have a difficult time with consistency? What have you done to do better with being consistent?


  1. I see an overall improvement from say five years ago but i still feel a little stuck in life. Not quite today as if what’s the point but a more what is out there for me. I think for me the want to do and be better is what i us to cope with things.

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  2. I totally get that feel, but the good thing is that we’re still trying. That is credit in itself. I am pretty consistent in things like exercise and eating healthy, because if I don’t do them, I’ll feel like total crap the next day, so I guess one reason for my consistence is fear-driven, lol. Helps me feel good though. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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  3. Cant remember where I heard this quote, ” if you have no goals in life then every day is exciting and it feels awesome ” so that means take each day as something new , the past can’t be changed, the future will come soon enough, live in the present, live for one day at a time. 🙏

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