How I Overcame Agnosia To Become “Mostly” Aware Today

In the world of brick and mortar business, it’s “Location. Location. Location.”

It’s not much different with severe mental illness, in particular, schizophrenia, except that it’s “Education. Education. Education.”

I am one of those geeks, that cares about my well-being, and who wants to be the best I can be.

That being said, I go through periods of time (i.e. years), that I don’t have the ability to work through my core symptoms.

Maybe I’m under/over medicated, maybe it’s the side effects, maybe it’s because I’m treatment resistant, or maybe it’s a combination of all the above!

Whatever your individual situation, your doctor and you know “you” best. So, I highly recommend seeking out (or continuing to seek out) opportunities to learn more about your condition with your doctor.

Wanting to be educated is generally how I have been for much of my adult life, and having mental illness hasn’t changed that.

If anything, for me, being ill makes me want to learn that much more. To again… be the best I can be!

Aside from blogging (and, all that that entails), what sorts of opportunities have you found yourself getting involved with, in order to raise your awareness of various aspects of your condition?


  1. I think one of the important things with education is being able to sort out what’s personally relevant and what’s not. How I experience depression isn’t the same as how someone else experiences depression, so not everything that’s written about depression will be relevant to me, and not everything I write about depression will be relevant to everyone else. And that’s okay.

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  2. So I got a degree in counseling, but was terrified of the job, mainly due to my mental illness. What a world! My dream is to write self-help books, but I’m so tired at the end of the day, I can barely help myself! Oh, well. I’m thinking that I might just read one more self-help book in the meantime. A brighter day 4 sure.

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    1. I once wanted to counsel too. I had been accepted into a Masters program even. So, I understand your fears. For most people with our particular illness, counseling would be very difficult. There’s the tendency to either under diagnose or over diagnose and all things inbetween. Life just ain’t easy.

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