I Went To The ER Last Night, For Pain That Needed To Be Addressed Right Away

Some tests were ran, I was diagnosed and given some medication, and I was told to come back if my condition worsened.

Long story very short, I was one of the lucky ones here in the U.S.

I did NOT have to stay parked outside, wondering if my credit was going to be ruined, or if bankruptcy was just around the corner. All because I couldn’t pay the outlandish bill!

I did NOT have to worry about substandard health care either.

My health care experience, as a whole, makes me a part of the minority of Americans these days.

I already know that a cat scan (which was required to diagnose my condition) costs about $5,000 USD, and that tonight’s treatment (and subsequent bill) will likely run close to $8,000 USD.

How would you have handled the situation where you live? What would it have been like for you? Whether you are insured or not, please walk me through your experience with going to the ER for pain that needed to be addressed right away!


  1. USA healthcare is just horrifying to us. Healthcare shouldn’t make it impossible for the not wealthy to access.

    In our country, yes it is not perfect and we have been raging about the cost but…I would have gone to the ER and after I was well, I would tell the hospital staff I need the medical social worker as I have little money in my bank account.

    First, the hospital would deduct money from my mandatory government “part of your salary goes in this account, and you cannot touch it unless it’s for public healthcare bills” to pay a large percentage of the ER bill.

    Then I’d see the medical social worker. They will ask me a bunch of invasive questions for me to prove my need, and why I cannot ask my family to pay the rest of the bill. I will have to provide my bank transaction logs for the past 6 months to 1 year, and other country specific proof that I have no regular income and if I am doing odd jobs, proof of those. If the social worker is then satisfied, they will apply for the government to pay 5% to 100% of the rest of my bill. It goes to a committee within each hospital who will scrutinise the social worker report and all the documents I provide. If they don’t approve it or approve less than 100%, I will pay the rest but it has to be at once because we can’t pay in installments.

    We do feel more fortunate than most Americans regarding healthcare in this area, specifically.

    The cracks of my country’s healthcare system are in the area of mental health and disability. That’s where most people fall, and struggle to climb out of.

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