Thinking A Lot About The Little Failures, Which Become The Big Failures

I regularly set, revise, and sometimes achieve, goals.

I’d like to think that more people are like that, than what there really are.

But, I know that goal setting is rare.

What’s even more rare, is goal achieving.

And, I know this first hand!

For instance, I drink and eat a lot of sugar.

And, I have an unbelievably difficult time flossing and brushing afterwords.

It’s so bad, that I oftentimes just do not floss or brush.

I hate that I can drink and eat all this bad stuff, and not have the ability to take care of my teeth afterwords.

I wonder, because I have such little energy in my day to day, why I can’t make these activities a priority!

Well, maybe that’s it right there. Such little energy.

But, I also wonder, how bad will things get before I do something about them? If I ever do?

Things and me are just so helpless (in this area) from where I sit.

Personal hygiene problems are indeed some of my biggest problems.

And, I don’t know how to do better with them!

I really do want to cry, but my antipsychotic and mood stabilizer won’t let me.


    1. Yeah, that’s a lot of it for me as well… but, then when I get into it, my energy wanes. Thus, the issue is that I don’t end up getting into it. So, between not caring and having no energy, lies the problem. But, they say… don’t be hard on yourself. I honestly don’t know how to act in this circumstance. :/ Thanks for commenting.

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  1. I’m awful with dental hygiene too, really struggle to make myself brush my teeth, and I average a few days before I give up yet again. I wonder if there’s some kind of teeth cleansing gel we could use? I once had fluoride treatment at a dentist using a soft gel. Was told it gets right in between my teeth where only floss can do so. Would make dental hygiene so much easier for many people, I think!

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