I Sometimes Take It Personally That There Are Crappy People Everywhere

First off, I overcompensate every day by having and honing decent social skills.

But, I am ill.

Secondly, my sleep is often disturbed, and I can’t get by most days, without one or two naps.

Again, I am ill.

Third, I dislike U.S. Capitalism, for it has hurt far more people than it has ever helped.

And, I’m doing better than many people in my shoes, from the standpoint that I understand the perils of U.S. Capitalism and how it destroys.

Do I like politics?

Emphatically, NO!

You have to dig deep, though, to understand how so many atrocities have come to be, in the name of U.S. Capitalism.

Unfortunately, I am not going to point most of those out to you.

But, I will say this:

This is not a black and white, one size fits all world, that we live in.

It is a global society though!

And, being transparent, present, and helpful in the ways that truly count, are very important!

Maturity is important.

Doing the right thing when no one is looking is important.

That said, success at aspects of one’s life is not a race.

We are not vying for some distant, ridiculous prize here.

This is about doing your best now, seeing the fruits of your labor as they present themselves now, and trying one more time any time you’re ready to quit.

Life is incredibly difficult, and a lot of people here on Earth are suffering. Things are not good in many ways.

What about you? Do you tell things like they are, for you and your situation? How do people respond to that?


  1. Yup, USA capitalism does by just screw up the USA, it has done immeasurable harm to the global majority with wars and such for “democracy” when it’s actually oil and natural resources. The US military gets billions in funding and is killing the planet with emissions, alongside countless, countless people. And USA citizens and folks outside the USA suffer so much…while folks investing in companies producing weapons and ammunition rake in millions they don’t even need. It’s horrific.

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  2. It would be easy enough to be offended by the blanket generalization that U.S. Capitalism stinks. I’m from the U.S.A. though. I don’t find capitalism here (in my country) any more blatant or greedy that it is in other countries throughout the world. Privately I think Americans are just the latest target for hatred. Maybe it’s our turn in the barrel, Germany has been in there, Russia has been in there…history provides us with a long list of alleged “leaders” of powerful countries that run said countries badly. We’ve had several decades of bad leaders. The American people (a melting pot, not one specific race or another) have no voice any more and if we dislike the policies and actions of our “leaders”, the attitude towards us is a “so the Eff what? Who cares” type of attitude. We’ve been pushed back to 1950 in how they (leaders) want to run America, political correctness has made many too scared to offer opinions. Capitalism has been here a long time, but it’s been in the world (global) a much longer time. As I said at the beginning – maybe it’s our ‘turn in the barrel’? Just my opinion and viewpoint, I’m not trying to argue or start one either.

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