Why Accuracy In Mental Health Matters

I used to think (until very recently) that they caught my illness early.

After all, I had a psychiatrist once tell me they did.

But, what constitutes early?

My first break was in the Summer of 1998 and I began taking regular meds in the Fall of 2001.

To me, that is not early.

Maybe earlier than some, but certainly later than others.

In any event, I feel I went through a lot of needless suffering in that three year period.

And, a lot of it was my fault.

I was just so arrogant in those days, that I was difficult to reason with.

So, while that’s all in the past now, I no longer feel like I am doing as good as some others.

Maybe I am, but I am also learning to question a lot of what psychiatry tells me.

What about you? Are you the questioning type? What sorts of things do you need to inquire about, before you are satisfied with what you’ve been told?


  1. What about you? Are you the questioning type? What sorts of things do you need to inquire about, before you are satisfied with what you’ve been told?

    I’d say I am the questioning type indeed. I know just enough about my particularly illness to be dangerous probably. Also I am coming to believe that ‘questioning and questioning the answers to those questions” is part of the makeup of my mental illness. I ask a LOT of questions initially because I do want to know all the whys and wherefores before a label is stuck on me.

    I hate the shilly-shallier who says things like “unspecified”, “unknown”, “mystery” and the like. If one can quantify what’s going on, why not take some common sense and just shut up until one DOES know? Political correctness has done some very bad things to any field of medicine, not just mental health. Because now everyone appears to be scared to plainly say “I don’t know. But I can find out. OR I don’t know and it’ll take a lot of time to come to any answer.”

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    1. I don’t think political correctness could ever get in the way of a good doctor saying “I don’t know.”

      Decent people from all walks of life say “I don’t know.”

      I am a questioner and I question the question.

      Even when I’m satisfied, I revisit things if something has changed.

      I try and use some common sense on things though.

      I.e. My diagnosis is schizoaffective disorder (unipolar type).

      I don’t need to know much more beyond that diagnosis-wise.

      I do need to know what to look out for though.

      Thank you for commenting.



  2. In the past, I’ve ping ponged back and forth between how much I trust or believe in the accuracy of what I’m being told (I wish I hadn’t, but it’s true). I’m trying to be more cautious these days, while also giving some professionals the benefit of the doubt – just because they’re professionals doesn’t have to mean they’re always 100% correct. I don’t know, just my two cents.

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