If You’ve Read Any Part Of My Blog, Then You Know…

That I make an effort every day to make my illness more manageable.

Yes, it is difficult, but I shall not give up!

I fight hard every day to have some semblance of peace and happiness.

I also have a partner who is sticking things out with me, and I with her.

There are no easy solutions that I’ve found involving chronic illness.

You just have to do your best and make the effort.

Even when things are tough!

Something that tends to make the day brighter is diet soda.

I know… that probably sounds funny. 🙂

But, I’ve recognized that five cans spread out over the course of eight hours, seems to do me good.

What about with you? What is your relationship with caffeine or even sugar? Tell us something about your approach to these chemicals.

Btw – If you don’t do caffeine, I’d like to hear about that too!


  1. I’m diabetic, so in theory sugar is off my menu except very judiciously. I stuck to the diabetic regime for two years when I first got diagnosed. Then a major surgery and I fell off the wagon and have never caught the damned thing to climb back on. I do watch what I eat and how much and it’s odd. I don’t like the taste of sugary sweets or baked goods very much anymore. My Achilles heel is Coca-Cola (the regular old fashioned kind). I’m trying to wean myself off of it due to health concerns too, so now I get a small one in the morning and that seems to last out the day. I drink several large glasses of ice water though. But coke will always be ‘the real thing’ for me.

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