How One Person With Mental Illness Does Self-Care

Confusion is a real thing for me (as mentioned in the previous post), but I do self-care primarily through suggestions/reminders/affirmations.

In fact, “Words of Affirmation” is my love language—for those who subscribe to that sort of thing.

I make recordings!

Anything about the stuff I want to reinforce in my life, within the scope of illness management and change.

I think the sort of thing I do with my recordings is rare and “quite different.”

So much so that many people often disregard it out of the gate!

But, if you’re the type of person bent on growth, you’ll give it some thought, before excusing it along with the person with mental illness, suggesting it!

(Actually, one’s mental health may or may not factor in to your decision to give this a try.)

My recordings are personal to me, and while I could share snippets, that defeats the purpose of you using your own creativity and imagination to get the job done!

What do I do with my recordings exactly?

I am being my own best friend, by talking to myself and recording my voice for playback.

And, that’s my present reminder/self-care strategy.

You’re reinforcing the pertinent things and even making an album of your thoughts.

They can go in the direction of anything that is positive, helpful, and soothing.

If you would talk to your friend in a way that compliments them or captures something special about who they are, you can do that through reminders and self-care affirmations, for yourself as well.

Things are okay today (one day at a time), and I owe that to my self-care suggestions/reminders/affirmations.

Have any of you ever tried recording your own voice, saying something positive or uplifting? I’m excited to know!

And, if you have made some recordings, what did you say to yourself? 🙂


  1. I’ve made some digital art where I affirm myself. I’ve not done recordings due to a lack of privacy but it’s something I hope to try when outdoors in nature where hopefully I’ll feel less self conscious. How do you craft the sentences you use in your affirmations? I’m curious to know. 😊😊😊😊

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    1. A lot of them are pure reminders ie under the chores header, I might say, “I take the trash out” or “I water and feed the dogs.” I also am fond of rewriting snippets of web posts, to suit my goals, and then I just speak the words in the post! I kind of arrange it in sections basically. Ie I have a section that I speak some favorite quotes. It all comes together nicely. If ur not a perfectionist, u don’t have to re-record a dozen times lol, but sometimes I do do that. I oftentimes listen to my recordings multiple times in a day.

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  2. Reading your comment, I realised I think I’m a failure whenever I struggle to do chores, but, chores in ways that does the job without being extremely rigid were a life skill deliberately kept from me. Plus mental illness so often can make chores feel impossible to do, so those reminders can also be affirmations when one feels useless.

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    1. Those reminders are affirmations. Please understand. I’ve been constructing failed reminders/affirmations for decades. For me, it is about stability and doing all I can to have that. When that’s accomplished, I have better consistency. But, I struggle with chores still. The affirmations are just to get me to try. I enjoy listening to them, and am able to get some things done because of them. 🙂

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      1. Oh, I definitely forgot that reminders can be affirmations. Not intending to imply you don’t know what works for you: You definitely do, plus you educate people like me! ❤️

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      2. You’re good! Sometimes we need a soothing voice to say “hey, you can do this.” Maybe you can’t do it every day mind you (because I cannot), but some days, I got this. That’s what my reminders/affirmations mean to me. Just a warm and welcoming voice, that of a friend, who makes life a bit easier some days.

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