I No Longer Compare Myself To People Who Do Not Have Mental Illness

One of the good things about my first long-term psychiatrist, is that he made every effort to get me to stay awake during the day (as often as I could).

He basically wanted me to be as much like the rest of the world as I could be.

And, I agreed that that made the most sense. At the time especially.

So, I spent years trying to make a schedule I could follow, that had me up during much of the day.

It wasn’t easy, but I now stay awake in the daytime primarily.

Another thing that this doctor did all those years ago, was that he compared me to people who did not have mental illness.

That was okay when I was younger, because it helped me to think about how the rest of the world gets along.

But today, I view any comparison between me and someone who is not chronically ill (for example) as “apples to oranges.”

So, while this first doctor of mine was helpful in getting me to conform ever so slightly, it was actually my getting online and putting myself out there in the blogosphere, that had me see some of my biggest strides.

A lot has changed!

And, that could have much to do with where I am at today as compared to where I was a decade plus ago.

For instance, I used to be single and lonely. And now, I have a partner and am usually only lonely when she’s not around.

In any event, I did not envision the life I now have, but am grateful for it!

Things are still very difficult though, and probably always will be.

I just have to take life a day at a time, and that helps me to get by.

Why do you suppose us humans like to take things a day at a time?

My guess is that we have so many responsibilities, that is would be virtually impossible to NOT do so.

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  1. I think many are forced to take things one day at a time due to ever increasing responsibilities, rising cost of living, and widespread changes in the job world across many countries. Many jobs no longer bring in a decent income, compared to cost of living and this disproportionately harms folks with chronic illnesses.

    I try not to compare myself to folks who don’t have chronic illnesses though it’s really difficult when people openly tell me I’m only in my early 30s, I’m not above 65 years old so I can’t be that unwell physically…even after I explain that mental illnesses have physical effects.

    Just experienced another such incident just 2 days ago and it’s painful.

    I don’t think those people will ever read the research study I participated in on how depression by itself can be disabiling, and of course comorbid diagnoses too.

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      1. Oh definitely, I agree. Unfortunately my circumstances mean having to deal with a lot of insensitive government people in attempts to get help ❤️

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      2. True! I feel like many governments don’t care even when they say they care. Probably why there’s so much interest about mutual aid and community care in some circles and across countries. I was very briefly talking with a friend some weeks ago on if we lived close by, I’d cook gluten free for them in exchange for food and food storage space. Repeat that for different stuff with different friends around the world…everyone benefits. If my little basil stem doesn’t die on me, and I eventually produce enough basil, I’m thinking of gifting some cuttings to offline people in my life. I’d do so online too, but alas, customs haha.

        What do you think you and your wife would want/need? (A thought exercise, if you’re comfortable trying.)

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  2. I was talking to my therapist recently and we were talking about the same topic and it really helped me realise how I need to stop comparing myself to others especially those who don’t have any mental illnesses. I’m pretty much trying to accept who I am and where I am in life because my journey is different from everyone else’s.

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