Yes, I Want To Die, But Do I Really?

I am fine, but my mind often plays tricks on me.

In addition, I have suicidal thinking that goes on.

It’s no secret, that at times, I want to die. And, sometimes I feel this way a lot!

What do I do?

And, this is important… I ensure that I do the best I can to make my environment the best that it can be!

And, that’s an accomplishment in and of itself!

So, whatever it takes to make things work in my environment, I try and do!

Because I don’t think I really want to die. And, because having a healthy environment doesn’t really hurt matters.

At present, I’m not ready to die. Not until I’m old and feeble. And, certainly not until I know, without a doubt, that my time has come!

Death can be an uncomfortable topic for some. How about you though? What are your thoughts on the subject?


  1. I’m not suicidal, but I have no particular interest in continuing to live. I feel like I’ve lived enough. My family is ridiculously long-lived, and the idea that I might not even be halfway through my natural life is all kinds of unappealing.

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    1. I’d like to comment on this as this being a very valid thing. I’d also like to say, for me personally, I am afraid of not having my health. And, at the same time… I am, more often that not, struggling like no other. I wish I had more insight, but maybe this is enough!

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  2. I know I want to live a long life mainly due to me fear of the unknown of the next step Is there’s nothing is there something waiting for me? I think it’s a lack of ability to grasp Heaven hell or nothing.

    I am often suicidal. It’s more so I feel a maladaptive coping skill. Like over circuits me so I’ll just be done with it. I’m thankful this need regimen has significantly decreased those thoughts as they use to at one point go on and on and the pain in my soul was horrific. Still I get there sometimes and thankfully I ask for help when they do. I know for most this is hard.

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