Reminders That The People Who Love Us Are Not The Enemy

NOTE: This is not about abusive people. Abusive persons do not know how to love.

When someone loves you, they are not the enemy. And, that is something I have to remind myself of when my mind is playing tricks on me.

Right now, I am paranoid and depressed. My world is dark and I am thinking about what it means to find a way out.

Except that I don’t want to call it quits.

This is one example of the torture of severe mental illness.

I want my problems to vanish and I have done my due diligence!

I am always working on myself, but things are particularly tough at the moment.

What are some rituals you engage in when your life is difficult?


  1. When life is difficult, I try to do something that is just for me, like a puzzle or writing a poem. And even when I can’t stop my thoughts from spiraling, I acknowledge that’s what’s happening. Sometimes in the dark, it’s okay to keep trying to flick the switch, even if it doesn’t go on. Hope you feel better soon.

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  2. During difficult times due to mental illness, I find Instagram helpful. I follow several accounts for chronic mental illness, so I can be reminded that a lot of suffering I experience isn’t my fault. I’m not “choosing” to suffer and life would be less painful if people weren’t ableist and judgmental.

    It also sometimes helps to message friends on that platform sometimes. Sometimes sharing baby animal video clips, or maybe someone is sharing their video of their most recent walk in nature. Something that reminds me that I’m part of humanity.

    I also like to watch a TV series with my partner, because that helps ease my sense of isolation and hopelessness.

    Sometimes, I just want to be alone, so I try to do something distracting to keep my mind busy. I might read if I can, or I journal my feelings.

    I go back to simple stuff like eating instant food if I’m too unwell to cook. If possible, even if I struggle to get out of bed, I try to do one small thing even if it’s just changing my shirt.

    When I really can’t imagine a future where life gets better, I reach out to my therapist.

    I hope things get less difficult for you soon.

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