Welcome to my blog!

My plans with the “Mentally Ill In America” site are 1) to grow as a person, 2) to share my lived experiences with chronic illness, 3) to learn about things I previously knew nothing about, and 4) to get along “a little better” today than I was “able to” yesterday.

Sustainability would be great, but right now, I don’t do a whole lot except household chores (and, not very many at that), as my energy levels are low.

I have lived with schizoaffective disorder for 20 years now, and there’s been little to no letup of my core symptoms.

There has been improvement overall though; and I would say that I am doing “well,” considering everything I’ve been through.

I have also learned that I had a predisposition to mental illness (which I didn’t know about) before I first “broke” at the age of 24.

Finally, I do faithfully take antipsychotic medication! And, I advocate it in every case where psychosis is concerned…

Thank you for stopping by, and please consider following me and participating in my blog.

—Mio Angelo