My Poem Book Is Complimentary And Is Now Available!

Good morning, fellow bloggers! 🙂 Available (and, complimentary to my readers) as of November 15, 2020… “Here Until I’m Gone: 40 Poems About Trauma, Illness, And The Inevitability Of Death” by Mio Angelo. Check it out here… And, if you’re so inclined… Please leave a comment about the content in the comments section! Reviews […]

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Mental Illness And Trauma

I am tired. I have been fighting schizoaffective disorder symptoms for 20 years. And, I feel like it never ends! I try very hard. I make the effort. And, while I haven’t always been where I am at today, where I am at today, at times, sucks! Thoughts of death and suicide pervade my mind […]

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Worsening Depression (A Poem)

I want to die.I want my life to be over.I want to go now.I am tired.Tired of pretending.Tired of putting on a front.This life is not easy.It is not good.Why must we act like it is?Except to make ourselves feel better?I can honestly tell you that I wear a mask.It protects me from you.You are […]

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31 Things That Have Either Helped Me Or That Have Not

Helpful: Community. Boundaries. Suffering. The push-pull of perfectionism. To always make the effort! Being polite and conversational. Being industrious. Learning to better trust myself amid schizoaffective disorder. Learning to “adjust” over time. Being organized in most ways. Listening to music. Having a variety of hobbies. Giving back via this blog. Having a healthy, primary relationship. […]

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Struggling? Newly Diagnosed? A Message For Families Of Those With Psychosis!

Disclaimer: This Site is intended to provide general knowledge, and is not intended to serve as medical advice of any sort.  Changes in mental health treatment should never be made without consulting your health care provider. This has been my doctor’s and family’s approach to helping me with schizoaffective disorder. It sometimes takes awhile, but […]

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The Prospect Of Taking Clozapine

Earlier today, I wrote about possibly having treatment resistant schizoaffective disorder. I already have schizoaffective disorder, but things seem to have taken a turn for the worse. What’s getting at me a lot right now is a belief that I’ve held that I am doing “so well,” in spite of being severely mentally ill. I […]

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I Don’t Mind Being Wrong

In fact, I sometimes welcome it! For me, it’s always been about the journey… about the search for truth! This blog has done (and continues to do) wonders for me! Early this morning, I got a call from my psychiatrist who I had recently seen. He thinks right now, that I quite likely have treatment […]

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The Gift And The Fight

I try and I try and I try… and, I do get some satisfaction in life. 🙂 It mainly comes from knowing that my life (and life in general) is a gift! There is a lot of difficulty that comes with living, but I work hard personally to be able to participate in those little […]

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What Are You Good At?

I am unusual for someone who deals with schizophrenia, in that in many instances, I am good with people. It hasn’t always been this way, and things were a lot tougher, when I had next to no awareness that the way I dealt with people was a strength. In the past, I’d attract all sorts […]

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Where Would You Be…?

Where do you suppose you would be, had you not become ill? I think the question is interesting, because I really was heading downhill and quick like when I became full-blown ill. What I know now is that had I been able to tolerate antipsychotics earlier on in the treatment process, I might be a […]

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You Are Who You Are

Recently, I was interacting with a post from a well known company on social media. The post took a shot at persons with schizophrenia. It was up for about 30 minutes (at the most), because I publicly called them out! In that time, there were dozens of “shares,” plus a comment by someone who didn’t […]

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The Medication Adjustment

What I strongly dislike about my situation: I didn’t do anything to create it, I have to live with it, and it cannot be fixed! Now, I am sure we all have things to bitch about… but, a mind that never heals? How does one remedy that? It’s not the same as having a condition […]

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