A Way (A Poem)

I once saw a way.I felt a path.I knew of a potentiality.For me.It was a different sort of route.One that made me see!I couldn’t imagine life any other way!I will share my thoughts.My feelings are accessible.I am ready to go there with you!Too bad it took me so long!Never mind that though.Together, we will set […]

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An Update On My Mental Health

I am currently dealing with my schizoaffective disorder by taking 33% less of my antipsychotic. My doctor and I are working together on this medication reduction, and I do feel a hint of more energy – 33% more – which means that I can do 1-2 more things a day on a ‘good’ day. It’s […]

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As Good As It Gets (A Poem)

For me, it matters that I try.But, even trying will only get me so far!I easily become tired.I have very little energy to do things.I guess this is my life!This is the prize I’ve won!Wonderful, right?I’m the winner of a great life now!And, I’ll let you in on a little secret.It doesn’t get any better […]

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I Must Weather The Storm (A Poem)

I must weather the storm.Today and every day.But, I will get through.And, it will happen again.I sometimes wonder why.I am not one for self-pity.But, I do feel a lot of anxiety right now!I know I am not alone, yet there are moments in my mental illness experience, that are difficult to discuss!Call it a real […]

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