The Prospect Of Taking Clozapine

Earlier today, I wrote about possibly having treatment resistant schizoaffective disorder. I already have schizoaffective disorder, but things seem to have taken a turn for the worse. What’s getting at me a lot right now is a belief that I’ve held that I am doing “so well,” in spite of being severely mentally ill. I […]

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I Don’t Mind Being Wrong

In fact, I sometimes welcome it! For me, it’s always been about the journey… about the search for truth! This blog has done (and continues to do) wonders for me! Early this morning, I got a call from my psychiatrist who I had recently seen. He thinks right now, that I quite likely have treatment […]

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The Gift And The Fight

I try and I try and I try… and, I do get some satisfaction in life. 🙂 It mainly comes from knowing that my life (and life in general) is a gift! There is a lot of difficulty that comes with living, but I work hard personally to be able to participate in those little […]

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What Are You Good At?

I am unusual for someone who deals with schizophrenia, in that in many instances, I am good with people. It hasn’t always been this way, and things were a lot tougher, when I had next to no awareness that the way I dealt with people was a strength. In the past, I’d attract all sorts […]

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Where Would You Be…?

Where do you suppose you would be, had you not become ill? I think the question is interesting, because I really was heading downhill and quick like when I became full-blown ill. What I know now is that had I been able to tolerate antipsychotics earlier on in the treatment process, I might be a […]

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You Are Who You Are

Recently, I was interacting with a post from a well known company on social media. The post took a shot at persons with schizophrenia. It was up for about 30 minutes (at the most), because I publicly called them out! In that time, there were dozens of “shares,” plus a comment by someone who didn’t […]

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