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Category: Announcements

Living with Psych Med Side Effects

For anyone need to take medications for a chronic condition like mental illness, dealing with side effects may end up being part of the reality of … Living with Psych Med Side Effects

I’ve changed my site’s URL

It is now “” Please let me know if you are having problems viewing the site moving forward. I am in the middle of changing about 40 site links from within my posts. Thanks and have a great day! 🙂

I Am Working On A Poem Book

It is tentatively being called… “Here Until I’m Gone: Poems About Trauma, Illness, And The Inevitability Of Death” by Mio Angelo. It will be available soon, and will be complimentary to readers of my blog.

I Have A New Slogan!

I retired the old one in favor of this one… “Mental Health Poetry / Posts That Help Myself And Others” —Mio

More On RBG

It is ALL the things she had a hand in… she IS sorely missed!