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Category: Poetry

The Pain (A Poem)

I thought the pain would go away.I thought it might disappear.At least for a day or two.But, I was wrong.It didn’t leave.Except for an hour if that.I realized the pain is always there.That it’s never going to go away.That it … Continue Reading The Pain (A Poem)

Just So You Know (A Poem)

Buck up, mister!Now, wait a minute…Wait for what?This isn’t right.Oh, sure it is.No, it’s not… What you’re doing…What’s so bad about it? Buck up!You’re bullying me!Who me? What are you talking about?Yes, you. This sucks! And, you’re bullying me!I don’t … Continue Reading Just So You Know (A Poem)

Hospitalized (A Poem)

Sad. I am feeling sad.Lost. I am supposedly lost.Belief. I have no beliefs.Hope. I haven’t any hope.Road. What road?Aware. I am not aware.Help. How do I ask for help?

Sarcasm (A Poem)

Suck it up, mate!No, you.Yes, you.You suck it up!What do you think I am doing over here anyway?Do you think life is peachy for me, that it’s relaxing, that it’s all fun and games?It’s not.I can tell you that it’s … Continue Reading Sarcasm (A Poem)