Trying Doesn’t Guarantee Overcoming

I try every day to make a dent in my life, but remain attached to my antipsychotic meds (which I need).

Progress happens, but it’s slow… and I’m slow… and my energy levels are in the dirt.

Anyway, the message of hope is… hang in there… even if your life sucks.

I get it. A lot of us do.

Just be kind to yourself.

It can and will get better.

Not perfect, but better.

Pervasive Attitudes About People With Mental Illness

What are the attitudes that bug you the most?

I am particularly bothered by people, who, in general, ask what I do for a living?

I get that that’s an icebreaker.

Something else that bothers me is people in general.

That might be a problem for another day!

What kind of attitudes have you experienced?

Misunderstanding Severe Mental Illness Through Toxic Positivity And Comparative Thinking

An acquaintance of mine and I had a discussion yesterday regarding my use of the words, “life sucks.”

It’s not a phrase I personally share with others a whole lot, so I was interested in learning her reaction to it, when the phrase slipped out in conversation.

Not surprising, this person’s outlook on severe mental illness, bordered on toxic positivity and (for lack of a better way of saying it) comparative thinking, whereby she compared my struggles to that of a blind person or someone in a wheelchair.

First, isn’t that kind of thinking quite extreme?

Allow me to elaborate… she said that my experiences, “were not as bad” as someone fitting the aforementioned circumstances.

So, I am all for having compassion for people struggling (even in ways that I do not), but that compassion should not come at the expense of my own (or someone else’s) suffering.

So, anyway, this was a tough discussion to be involved in… and, I attempted to educate her on the dangers of comparative thinking (or whatever it is called).

I just hate it when people compare circumstances though… any kind of circumstances!

It so cheapens what the subject matter is going through, and leads everyone else to believe that that’s “just the way it is.”

But is it? What are your thoughts on the issues brought up in this post? Agree? Disagree? And, why or why not?

The Longer I Live, The More I Realize…

No, this is not “Attitude” by Charles Swindoll (for those of you who know the reference). Rather, the following is a rant of sorts.

Severe Mental Illness sucks. It just freaking sucks!

I cannot imagine my life without the gargantic cloud over my head, that screams “insanity.”

I want it to be better… I want my ails to be gone!

In recent years, I was guilty of thinking I could stay productive enough to make it all better.

Not so!

It doesn’t work that way!

Mental illness is still there, and as I’ve stated, it definitely sucks!

The longer you live, what kinds of things do you realize about your illness(es)?