300 Posts And Going Strong!

My first blog post was February 10, 2020. Here it is. And, nine months later… I am still going strong! I am grateful for your support!!! 300 is a big number and signifies a lot of hard work… This space helps me and I can appreciate that it sometimes is helpful to you too… Thanks […]

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31 Things That Have Either Helped Me Or That Have Not

Helpful: Community. Boundaries. Suffering. The push-pull of perfectionism. To always make the effort! Being polite and conversational. Being industrious. Learning to better trust myself amid schizoaffective disorder. Learning to “adjust” over time. Being organized in most ways. Listening to music. Having a variety of hobbies. Giving back via this blog. Having a healthy, primary relationship. […]

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My Schedule / To Do List

Monday, I wrote a bit about my schedule/to do list. It helps me to have some amount of organization in my life. And, I can feel that with having lists. I rarely get everything done, and am working to feel better about that, but it’s very difficult! I want to feel good about what I […]

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