In General, Are My Comments Showing Up As Spam, Or Are People Deleting Them?

I am not talking about the occasional comment where I am upset (and the blogger removes my comment), I am referring to the comments that just aren’t showing up. At all.

If it’s a situation whereby you don’t want my comments on your blog, please stop commenting on mine.

If it’s that my comments are showing up as spam, then please check your spam folder.

I am not a spammer.

Have a wonderful day!

Many Of My Comments Have Been Showing Up As Spam (And, That’s Now Fixed)

In addition to some of my comments showing up as spam, some bloggers have been unable to follow me as well.

After working with the good folks at WordPress these past few weeks, I learned that some of the problems (or glitches) that I’ve been having have been due to the following:

My site was setup to discourage search engines from crawling it.

That’s now been remedied.

I guess originally, I did not want to have search engines crawl my site, but I’m allowing it now, as more and more people have made mention of my site having issues.

Thanks for reading and for following (and participating in this blog)! 🙂