Try To Live (A Poem)

Something happened and now I am not living.Not that I was living before. Well, I was. Sort of…Which is what makes this hard!As soon as medication was introduced into my life, everything changed.And so, the long road to accepting a medication regimen began.Today, I am accepting of my needs in this area!But, did it have […]

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What Is Real And What Isn’t (A Poem)

I just don’t know.I once heard that reality is “just an agreement.”But, as a society, we don’t agree on much!That’s why community is so damn important!And, within a community, you find those people who help you to see…These are the people you click with!You have similarities and you have differences.And, while I don’t always know […]

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Book Review: Here Until I’m Gone (& Thoughts on Therapeutic Writing) — Mental Health @ Home

Here Until I’m Gone Here Until I’m Gone: 40 Poems About Trauma, Illness, And The Inevitability Of Death is a booklet of poetry by Mio Angelo of Mentally Ill in America. The poems capture the challenges of living with chronic mental illness, including dealing with the ignorance of others. He writes about finding healing from […] […]

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Wrong, Selfish, And Neglectful (A Poem From “Here Until I’m Gone”)

Having kids and living life may be worth it,Unless it’s as the title describes.It’s terrible to think about their being neglect.Not living?Or, being put in a position of deep despair,Of chronic illness?Nothing can prepare the educated mind for a life of misery.Nothing can make the person who just wants to live,Do anything but!It is profoundly […]

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The Right To Exist (A Poem)

How long will I hold on?As long as I need to!Or want to really.As long as I can!It’s not talked about all that much.The differences in our beliefs.You believe in things I can’t fathom,And, I am sure you feel pretty much the same about me.However, the main difference between us,Is an understanding of basic human […]

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Yoda On The Brain (A Poem)

So amazing yet so difficult!Not everyone shares the same pain!For those with chronic illness,This is our existence, our destiny!How powerful of a notion is that?Existence/destiny?Maybe I’ve got Yoda on the brain,When I say, “To be without a disease, any disease, that robs me of so much,I would rather be!”

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The Path To Poetry

I never would have thought I’d write poetry. Any kind of poetry, really. But, prose… that is my favorite right now! In my distant past, I wrote song lyrics. And now… well you know… it’s poetry! I am grateful for all aspects of creativity! How about you? What kinds of creative endeavors (aside from blogging) […]

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