An Experience Of Mental Health Symptoms

It took me years to admit to (or even recognize) some of the symptoms that were going on inside my head. And, even today, I have trouble distinguishing between the chatter and the thoughts.

Partly because, voices, for me, are things that I identify as being “disparaging” in one form or another.

In fact, I don’t always know if what I am dealing with is delusion or hallucination, or even depression (although depression might be easier to identify).

So, I don’t discuss “voices” per se. I discuss what is happening inside my head.

Whatever I can pin down, put my finger on, and so forth. Thoughts, conversations, feelings, emotions, etc.

Whatever it is I discuss with my doctor, I try and be as expressive as possible. And the medications (while they do help), surprisingly or not, can make it more difficult to do this.