Yes, I Want To Die, But Do I Really?

I am fine, but my mind often plays tricks on me.

In addition, I have suicidal thinking that goes on.

It’s no secret, that at times, I want to die. And, sometimes I feel this way a lot!

What do I do?

And, this is important… I ensure that I do the best I can to make my environment the best that it can be!

And, that’s an accomplishment in and of itself!

So, whatever it takes to make things work in my environment, I try and do!

Because I don’t think I really want to die. And, because having a healthy environment doesn’t really hurt matters.

At present, I’m not ready to die. Not until I’m old and feeble. And, certainly not until I know, without a doubt, that my time has come!

Death can be an uncomfortable topic for some. How about you though? What are your thoughts on the subject?