A Reconciliation Of Faith (A Poem)

Faith is available!
When you are open to it (or seek it).
Unfortunately, faith is muddied!
For me, faith is not what mainstream people say it is.
It is highly personal and tailored to my own steadfast interpretation!
Few churches could ever get that right!
Especially when politics are infused with mainstream!
I grow by my own persistence.

Faith And Cognitive Dissonance

How many of my readers, struggle with the notion of faith and cognitive dissonance? Or __________ and cognitive dissonance?

I know that I do and I would love to hear from others who do as well!

I waver in my life, a certain amount, so for me to feel this way is not totally unusual!

For instance, one day I’ll feel totally removed from any sort of ideas of “faith,” and on another day, I am firmly rooted in my ideas of “faith.”

This is torture! But, this is also a part of my illness (I believe)!

What is your experience with faith and cognitive dissonance? Is this experience, similar to other patterns in your life that you deal with regarding the notion of cognitive dissonance?