The Exploration Of Happiness (A Poem)

Happiness is anything but simple.
And, sometimes human beings forget this.
Happiness is fleeting.
It visits for a little while and then it’s leaves again.
I wonder how our ancestors dealt with happiness.
What do you suppose happiness meant for them?
Surely, happiness was somewhat universal back then.
Today, happiness can mean a lot of different things.
For instance, I am happy when I am creating.
Other people may be happy after a long day’s work.
Happiness means different things to different people.

When I Cry Sometimes (A Poem)

I do so because it hurts. The pain hurts.
I do so when I am brave. I feel brave.
I do so even when I am a bit imbalanced. I am a bit imbalanced.
No matter what, I cry because I care. I absolutely care.
No matter what, strength is shedding a tear every now and then.
No matter what, I can express my emotions.
We all need to let it out and let it go.
That is when I cry sometimes.

Sarcasm (A Poem)

Suck it up, mate!
No, you.
Yes, you.
You suck it up!
What do you think I am doing over here anyway?
Do you think life is peachy for me, that it’s relaxing, that it’s all fun and games?
It’s not.
I can tell you that it’s not.
The following “quote,” will always be the case, with everyone you meet.
“Distance lends enchantment to the view.” — Mark Twain
Now, suck it up!
No, you.

Better But Not Fixed (A Poem)

I said it!
I told everyone how much I am struggling.
I felt I had a “voice” and this is how I handled things.
You could say I am sick of the voices telling me what to do.
Reporting things that were implanted there from my past.
Revealing things that will never go away.
Where is the hope?
I can tell you where the fear and anger reside?
But, where is the hope?
I am so sick of being a puppet.

I Was Not Made For This World (A Poem)

I don’t think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel today.
I don’t feel as though hope is certain.
What I have overcome was at the cost of something dear to me.
There are no easy answers.
There are only tough questions.
And, lots of them.
I suppose I’ll be vindicated some day.
Or, maybe not.
Maybe Ill just be the guy who faded away.
It’s doubtful.
I have a lot to say.
But, will I share it with you?
I am not sure.
I get so confused in these situations.
Help is in the form of a pill, you know?
I can’t imagine it being from a human alone.
Oh no!
It has to be from a human, as well as science.