My Dogs, My Music, and My Partner

I have three wonderful dogs, I listen to lots of music, and I have a loving partner.

In no particular order, these are the three things I involve myself with every day.

They each help me to be happy.

And, happiness takes work!

Now, to do better with my personal hygiene…

I wish that those of us struggling with severe mental illness had it easier in this realm.

There are other areas in which I struggle with my illness, and for the longest time, my goal has been to close the gap on the struggles that are in my control.

I’ve made some progress, but not nearly as much as I’d like.

For instance, right now I am very depressed. And, have been for a few weeks.

I haven’t been able to do enough to make things better for myself. I may get momentary relief, but that’s about it.

Is goal setting a thing for you when you’re symptomatic? Are you able to do things that bring you closer to accomplishing the things you want to accomplish?

Thinking A Lot About The Little Failures, Which Become The Big Failures

I regularly set, revise, and sometimes achieve, goals.

I’d like to think that more people are like that, than what there really are.

But, I know that goal setting is rare.

What’s even more rare, is goal achieving.

And, I know this first hand!

For instance, I drink and eat a lot of sugar.

And, I have an unbelievably difficult time flossing and brushing afterwords.

It’s so bad, that I oftentimes just do not floss or brush.

I hate that I can drink and eat all this bad stuff, and not have the ability to take care of my teeth afterwords.

I wonder, because I have such little energy in my day to day, why I can’t make these activities a priority!

Well, maybe that’s it right there. Such little energy.

But, I also wonder, how bad will things get before I do something about them? If I ever do?

Things and me are just so helpless (in this area) from where I sit.

Personal hygiene problems are indeed some of my biggest problems.

And, I don’t know how to do better with them!

I really do want to cry, but my antipsychotic and mood stabilizer won’t let me.

Hope With The Schizophrenia Disorders

I would like to streamline my life more.

I want to, but I can’t.

At least not now.

I try to make my life easier by napping when I need a rest, because that’s what feels good to me.

I know that’s not the advice that everyone here would give, but my symptoms become worse the harder I push myself.

I hate the position I am in.

I’d like to have a set schedule.

I’m at least trying to have a daily checklist.

I keep trying, because I want to be as good as I possibly can.

And, I am reminded that it’s the medications that aren’t all working, that make things way more difficult than what they need to be.

From what I hear… from what I’m told… there is hope with the schizophrenia disorders.

I believe that, and wish more progress for myself amidst this information.

How do you feel about getting along when the medication doesn’t quite work as it should? What kinds of standards have you set when your meds aren’t doing the job you’d like them to? What kinds of day to day standards have you set in general?

Had I Not Found This Community…

I might not have realized the extent of trauma or suffering that I experienced as a child.

The importance of this is to heal those wounds, even as some of them were previously repressed.

There are no easy answers to overcoming certain situations in life, especially when one’s illness continues to be “front and center.”

For me, I focus on the notion of “growth…” and, that’s all I plan to do!

What has this community done for you?

When You’re Waiting To Die, Because You Aren’t “Able”

NOTE: This was written awhile ago, but some of the tenants are still true.

I am just waiting for my (physical) health to deteriorate.

That’s a fact!

I am so pissed about it too!

I don’t know how to function without impending doom.

I want to be alive though!

How do I make things better?

I know what I need to do, but I cannot get myself to do it!

I make some progress, and then I quit, reversing all the good I did.

That’s been my pattern, and I don’t know how to “permanently” overcome it.

I do several specific types of personal development and therapy is not an option!

Are you struggling with something similar?

What Does “One Day At A Time” Mean In The Scheme Of Things?

I like to feel like I am making progress, so I think about the idea of “one day at a time.”

It’s not always the case that I am making progress, and a lot of times, whatever work I am doing, ends up in the toilet.

So, I say it. A lot of us probably say it—“one day a time.”

Saying this seems to be helpful on the one hand, but on the other, it doesn’t seem to do any good whatsoever!

Anyway, this is my 250th post. 🙂

What about an alternate saying for “one day at a time?” Any ideas?

What Makes You Uniquely You?

I was just thinking about this, as I was perusing the featured posts on my web site.

What makes me uniquely me?

I guess it has a lot to do with my experiences, but also (as it pertains to my blog), it has something to do with how I present information and make it formidable.

One might also consider my one sentence paragraphs, when thinking about what make me personally unique! Lol

Yes, I write my paragraphs, short and sweet, and pretty much to the point…

As often as I can that is!

What then makes YOU uniquely you?

When A Person Like Me Remarks That Something Is “Sad”

When I say that something is “sad,” it usually is.

I get the notion to express compassion from both my personal integrity, and from my conditioned response to do so.

Since I’ve experienced a lot of difficult times with mental illness, I am well-equipped to say that something (anything illness related), is sad.

I hope that I can continue having compassion (although I don’t think that that will be a problem), and I hope that things will get better for people in my situation. Including me.

But, I am not so hopeful when it comes down to it…

I do not believe in a “cure.”

While some are holding onto hope for that as an answer, I just don’t feel the same way.

I’ll hedge my bets on trying to be compassionate towards everyone though. Even if they believe a cure is coming.

After all, what matters most, in my view, is how you treat others. Especially those who can do nothing for you.