What Are You Good At?

I am unusual for someone who deals with schizophrenia, in that in many instances, I am good with people. It hasn’t always been this way, and things were a lot tougher, when I had next to no awareness that the way I dealt with people was a strength. In the past, I’d attract all sorts […]

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New “About” Page

I thought it was fitting to update my about page, now that I’ve been an active blogger for one year. I hope all of you are doing okay. I know it’s a bumpy ride. I sometimes feel as though I’ve had as much as I can take, and then… then… something happens, and I get […]

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The Last Day / Night (A Poem)

It is here,The last day/night,For a long time,Maybe forever.I can and will be triumphant!And, is it just me, but no matter how difficult things are,I know that life is a gift!A blessing from somewhere or nowhere!Who knows?In any event, I’ll do my best to succeed,At whatever “I” am able to succeed at!

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I Must Weather The Storm (A Poem)

I must weather the storm.Today and every day.But, I will get through.And, it will happen again.I sometimes wonder why.I am not one for self-pity.But, I do feel a lot of anxiety right now!I know I am not alone, yet there are moments in my mental illness experience, that are difficult to discuss!Call it a real […]

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Try To Live (A Poem)

Something happened and now I am not living.Not that I was living before. Well, I was. Sort of…Which is what makes this hard!As soon as medication was introduced into my life, everything changed.And so, the long road to accepting a medication regimen began.Today, I am accepting of my needs in this area!But, did it have […]

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