I Am Truly Realizing The Value Music Brings To My Life

I just spent much of yesterday evening, attempting to find stability with my thoughts.

And, the thing is… this is an every day occurrence… a lack of stable thinking.

I go round and round with the same cyclical thoughts.

I am doing all I can do to stay busy, but… I am just going to worry. And, I cannot stop the angst.

So, me being the forward thinking person I am… I created a music playlist of songs, that I really enjoy. Songs with meaning.

It would seem I like Adult Contemporary music the best!

What kind of music do you enjoy, and are you privy to making your own playlists? What is your approach to music appreciation?

The “Horrors” Of Pre-Psychosis

As a teenager, I watched horror movies.

I used to enjoy them. And, I think I thought parts of them were real!

As an adult, I confessed that in some of those movies, I actually believed there were actors who lost their lives (during the filming process).

I know it’s silly to think that! But, that’s what I thought for quite some time!

I no longer watch horror movies anymore (I barely watch movies at all, and only some television)!

I think so much time spent watching strange movies and tv shows when I was younger, had a definite impact on me.

At least, that’s what it felt like in retrospect!

I know I was (and probably still am) impressionable!

So, “turning off the tube” is how I do business today.

Do you watch a lot of movies and tv shows? Was there ever been a period of time where you did? What are your favorite genres?

Blogging As A Labor Of Love / Approaching 300 Posts

I can’t seem to skip out on posting three times (and, sometimes more) a week!

Much of what I put into the blogosphere is a part of my “bigger” story.

A story that must be told! 🙂

There are a number of people who share their stories and inspire all of us, and for that, I know, there is gratitude!

So, today, I just want to let you know that I am grateful for each one of you… My readers. Fellow friends in battle. My constituents.

Thanks so much to everyone for being real with me!

What Makes You Uniquely You?

I was just thinking about this, as I was perusing the featured posts on my web site.

What makes me uniquely me?

I guess it has a lot to do with my experiences, but also (as it pertains to my blog), it has something to do with how I present information and make it formidable.

One might also consider my one sentence paragraphs, when thinking about what make me personally unique! Lol

Yes, I write my paragraphs, short and sweet, and pretty much to the point…

As often as I can that is!

What then makes YOU uniquely you?

I Am Now Posting Twice Weekly (On Monday’s And Friday’s at 8:30 AM CST)

Beginning tomorrow, I will be posting twice weekly, on Monday’s and Friday’s at 8:30 AM CST.

I am trying to find a better balance with what I am presently capable of doing while also managing my illness, and this looks like it may be it!

After my six week series on Entertainment And Mental Illness, I have another three-part series, but will not be doing as many series’ moving forward.

As always, I will make the occasional post at other times.

I still plan to keep up on other people’s blogs…

Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my blog! 🙂

100 Followers On WordPress, But 230 Followers Overall?

As the title says, I hit 100 followers on WordPress (yay)! But, what does the 230 followers overall mean?

I am using Bloglovin’, but I don’t see anyone following my blog via that.

I also have some email followers, but all told, nowhere near the 230-follower number.

The only other thought I have is that people are following me via Blogarama.com, but since I don’t use that particular site, I cannot confirm this!

Does anyone have any idea how people are following my blog?

21 Things I’ve Learned In 10 Weeks Of Blogging

The list:

1. That it’s difficult to keep track of all of my followers, but it’s necessary to do.

2. That some people read quite a bit of my blog, when a particular topic catches their attention.

3. That some people only read what they click on.

4. That there are some genuinely good people in the blogosphere (and, I am grateful to be getting to know them).

5. That, as a high achiever, I want to do better today than what I did yesterday.

6. That kindness is everything when trying to connect.

7. That there are jerks out there (even in the mental health portion of the blogosphere).

8. That humor counts for a lot!

9. That there is a good amount of information out there.

10. That misinformation is rampant everywhere.

11. That you should use small resolution pictures in your blog posts.

12. That I do most of my writing when I am inspired.

13. That there’s always a market for good content.

14. That the more I stay focused, the better blogger I become.

15. That I can get lost in my blog.

16. That I can get lost in other people’s blogs.

17. That the more expressive I am (women tend to be naturals in this area), the better my results.

18. That I can recognize when people have put a lot of work into their blog.

19. That I can recognize when a blog needs more work (including my own).

20. That a number of people put emphasis on churning out longer blog posts.

21. That paragraphs are inherently longer in the blogosphere.

These are just some of the things I’ve learned!

And, I’ve definitely learned more than 21 things these past 10 weeks.

How long have you been blogging? What are a few things that you have learned since you started?

Writing Grounds Me

It most certainly does—and, I take pride in it!

I can be feeling all sorts of “messed up,” and writing it out, changes much of that (if only temporary at times)—it does the trick!

Much of what I deal with is confusion.

I don’t know the rate of confusion in other forms of severe mental illness, but I can tell you that it is high in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder.

I know some of what contributes to my confusion is my meds.

And, there’s no real way around that, as I need my meds to get by.

Thus, I just do what I can!

Do you experience confusion as well? What are some of the ways you counteract being confused?