Confusion Is A Bigger Problem Than I Want To Admit

I am confused a lot.

I press on, because that’s what I need to do for me, but I am oftentimes, left trying to make sense of just about everything!

Admittedly, I am not “connecting the dots” like I used to. That was hell!

It’s still there, but it’s not as prevalent as it once was…

What’s more troubling now is the stress I am under every day!

To the onlooker, they wouldn’t understand, but to me, I know what my difficulties are and they rarely letup…

I try and sleep overnight (it is hard), so that I can at least make myself available to My Daily Checklist.

It gets tweaked fairly frequently, all in an effort to get a few extra boxes checked off daily!

In reality, I have way more boxes not being checked, but I am trying.

That’s all I can do. Really and truly. 🙂

Back to lists and schedules: What are your most effective strategies to working through them?

Redefining “Good” Again

Let’s poll the experts—the people living with severe mental illness.

How can I return to a place of “better” functioning? Is it even “possible?” How can I get back to “good?”

I don’t know that I can do that to be honest!

For me, it’s about highlighting what I can do! It’s about finding what works for me, and expanding upon that!

And, for the record, I believe we can learn from everyone (as everybody has something to teach us).

Just today, I think I learned something of value, regarding my lists: calendars, to-do items, and schedules.

This (at least I am trying it on for size):

I have 1) A CALENDAR for appointments. 2) A TO DO list of projects I sometimes get done in a day (and sometimes not). 3) A SCHEDULE of recurring items that I now break into “easy” and “difficult.”

Now, this approach will only mean something if it’s “implemented,” and if I celebrate my accomplishments along the way!

Is all of this list “completion” just wishful thinking? Can implementing these ideas, help in any way?

When consistency is the problem (and it is my problem), the short answer is, “we’ll see.”

Life is damn difficult, mental illness is even more difficult than that, and no one can live out our journey’s but us!

As always (no matter how cheesy it may sound), I take life one day at a time!

How about you? What kinds of things are you doing to stay on top of your mental health? Especially during COVID?