Happy Pride Month!

I don’t always post on holidays (or for significant events), but today, I want to post on Pride Month. To me (and, it hasn’t always been this way, having grown up in a small town), love is love. Let me repeat that for those who may not have heard me, and for those sitting in […]

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Someone Who I Can Look Up To

“The only meaning I can ascribe to my life is one that challenges me and makes me happy.” —Mio Angelo Perhaps the most motivational person for me in life, is in fact, my grandfather. Watching the 90-year father of my late father, in his last days, knowing that he worked hard his entire life, imparts […]

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Ruminating On My Shitty Family

Before I get started, I want you all to know, that I am practicing kindness towards my shitty family. That said, the devastation that poverty brings is significant! As I look back at growing up with my cousins and all of their parents (on one side of the family), I am reminded of the horrors […]

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